POWERSHOWER pumps deliver the power for a great shower in any situation.
Quality design and construction ensures quiet, trouble-free operation.
There are options for everything from augmenting gravity feeds in simple holiday set-ups
to providing luxurious multi-spray fittings.

Technical Details


TP60/SP60: A cost-effective solution for single-shower applications. Ideal for flats or holiday homes where economy is a factor.

QT45 1.2 Bar: Ideal for boosting flow to low-resistance shower mixer valves and providing a significant performance increase compared with gravity shower systems. Can be used to pump both hot and cold supplies in a small house or flat where a modest increase in supply pressure and flow is required.

QT80 2.3 Bar: Can provide the power to a shower when you or the family want the varying patterns given by a multi-function shower head with pulse mode.

Recommended for pumping hot and cold supplies in a medium-sized house where a moderate increase in supply pressure and fl ow is needed.

QT120 3.3 Bar: Gives the flexibility to satisfy all your normal domestic household water requirements with the added luxury of providing the power for a breathtaking shower combined with up to four side body jets or rainbars. Recommended for providing pressurised hot and cold water in a large house where a significant increase in supply pressure and flow is required, particularly where long pipe runs are involved.


Both the TP60 and the QT range of pumps are available in twin-ended form, designed to pump hot water and cold water simultaneously, and single-ended versions. These can be used for boosting the pressure of either hot or cold water (eg. to boost tank-fed supplies to an electric shower) or for boosting the output of blended water from a mixer valve.

Supplied with

All POWERSHOWER pumps are supplied with heavy duty push-fit 15mm hoses and comprehensive installation instructions.


Featuring superior materials and components, POWERSHOWER pumps are designed to perform and built to last. Thatís why every one comes with a full two year guarantee.

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HBC Plumbing is proud to work with quality components from Leap Limited

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Why POWERSHOWER is better

  • Trouble-free long life
  • Designed for hotter showers
  • Choice
  • Whisper-quiet

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