BLAZESTOP is an affordable sprinkler system linked to a domestic water supply,
putting the reassurance of sprinkler protection within reach of private homeowners.
Designed especially for the home environment, BLAZESTOP uses sprinkler heads concealed in the ceiling.
Flexible, concealed piping makes retrofitting into homes easy and cost-effective.
Made from durable polybutylene, it isn’t affected by scaling, corrosion, or microbiological growth and doesn’t transmit noise.

Solar Collector Panel

The solar collector panel comes in three standard configurations – 10 tube, 15 tube and 20 tube.
Panels can also be reconfigured to form 25 tube (10 tube+15 tube) or 30 tube (15 tube+15 tube) collectors.

10 tube 15 tube 20 tube
Dimensions (L&W) 1088mm x 1940mm 1580mm x 1940mm 2068mm x 1940mm
Absorber dimension 1671mm x 62.3mm x 10 1671mm x 62.3mm x 15 1671mm x 62.3mm x 20
Aperture dimension 1680mm x 65mm x 10 1680mm x 65mm x 15 1680mm x 65mm x 20


Rockwool Rockwool
Manifold header casing Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Frame Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Weight empty 42kg 63kg 84kg

Technical Details

Water supply

BLAZESTOP can be connected to either a local authority domestic water connection, or to a storage tank and pump system.


Ideally BLAZESTOP should be installed in as many rooms as possible. However, you may be able to
dispense with outlets in voids or spaces above ceilings or below floors, toilets and bathrooms, garages that are connected directly to the home, wardrobes or cupboards.

The maximum spacing between sprinklers depends on the type of sprinkler head you choose; the minimum spacing is 2400mm. Light fittings, beams or lintels that may obstruct the spray pattern need to be taken into account.

Piping and water reticulation

Piping design must minimise dead-legs to sprinklers and fixed directly behind the sprinkler heads. BLAZESTOP does not require a backflow prevention device or inline pressure gauge. The design must comply with NZBC Clause G12 Water Supply and be lodged with the Building Consent documentation.

Post Installation Testing

After installation, the system must be pressure tested at 1500kPa for at least 30 minutes, although the
pressure may need to be reduced if other products are to be included in the test. A MHD (Most Hydraulically
Disadvantaged) Sprinkler verification test must be conducted to ensure that the design pressure and flow are achieved at the MHD sprinkler heads.

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HBC Plumbing is proud to work with quality components from Leap Limited

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Why BLAZESTOP is better

  • Proven
  • Individual room response
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting
  • 50 Year guarantee
  • Quiet
  • Unobtrusive

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