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IQP Backflow Testing

Backflow is not desirable in any way, shape or form. Backflow occurs when there is a reversal in the normal flow of water, which then triggers water flow back into the water pipes. This is a serious health risk increasing the risk of contamination. For this reason, building codes mandate that a series of measures and backflow prevention devices are installed and maintained to prevent backflow.

Backflow is caused when water pressure is higher than the water pressure at the main or if there is a drop in the pressure at the main. Backflow devices ensure that water supply remains free of pollutants and contamination.
HBC Plumbing guarantees that your backflow prevention testing, problem diagnosis, installation and repair maintenance needs are all in check with current compliance and a high standard of ongoing quality.

What is a plumbing backflow test?

Backflow testing evaluates a plumbing system to see if backflow is occurring. ... During backflow testing, a certified plumber will open and close the valves of the backflow prevention device or assembly to make sure it is functioning as it should.

Types of Backflow

Occurs when the downstream pressure exceeds the pressure of the water supply distribution system. A decrease in water supply pressure can also cause backpressure. A decrease in water supply pressure occurs when the amount of water being used exceeds the amount being supplied. A decrease in water supply pressure can occur during water line flushing, fire fighting or water main breaks.

Occurs when there is a partial vacuum in a water supply system, which draws water from a contaminated source to the potable water supply. High-flows out of the distribution system such as in the case where a pump is connected to a fire hydrant during firefighting can cause a significant decrease in pressure around the withdrawal area causing backsiphonage. The same conditions can be caused by a water main break. Another cause of backsiphoning is an incorrectly installed toilet without a plumbing-code approved toilet ballcock that provides an air gap that prevents contaminated water to backflow to other water outlets.

What is a Backflow Preventer?

A Backflow Preventer is a device that consists of a pair of mechanical check valves that prevents contaminated water from flowing backwards into your property or public water mains. It takes unsafe water that may contain chemicals, pesticides, feces and other hazardous materials that may cause health risk, and diverts it away from your property, keeping the unsafe water from re-entering.

Backflow Testing and Maintenance

To keep up with local code, backflow valves must be inspected annually to make sure that your device is working properly and efficiently. Most municipal codes require having your backflow device inspected every two years. It is crucial to have your backflow device tested to ensure the safety of your drinking water, for you and your family. You can trust HBC Plumbing to test your backflow device for commercial or residential applications.

HBC Plumbing Backflow Prevention Services include:

  • Installation of Backflow Prevention
  • Devices
  • Water Testing Solutions
  • Maintenance
  • Repair Backflow Preventers


HBC Plumbing has considerable experience in installing and testing backflow preventers. Our clients include industrial, commercial, municipal and residential. You can trust our highly trained and knowledgeable personnel. Do not take any chances with your drinking water. Call Dean on 021 437 802 to schedule an inspection for your backflow device.

For more information contact call Dean on 021 437 802


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